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Employee and workplace rights

All employees deserve to be treated fairly and with respect. It’s not just good for business; it’s the law. Discrimination, sexual harassment and bullying cost time and money, damage morale, reduce productivity and undermine reputations. Employers' responsibilities apply across all stages of employment, including recruitment, during pregnancy, returning to work after parental leave, if you are injured or ill, and if you are being dismissed or made redundant.



Key stats


of complaints we received in 2018–19 were about unfair treatment in the workplace

Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission


is the increase in revenues earned by companies with diverse management teams, as a result of greater innovation


Karim's story

"The advertiser was looking for 'a driven, energetic and young marketing expert' to join their team – I thought all of those things sounded like me, but I wasn’t sure that I still qualified as 'young'. It sounded discriminatory to me."

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