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Our vision is for a fair, safe and inclusive Victoria where every person is respected and treated with dignity

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Essential resources to help workplaces tackle sexual harassment

Under Victoria’s Equal Opportunity Act, it’s not enough for employers to just deal with sexual harassment complaints when they arise; they must also take proactive steps to prevent it from occurring in the first place. To help employers fulfil this ‘positive duty’, the Commission has released a new guideline and an interactive online response tool focused on creating safer, more respectful workplaces.

Raising the age of legal responsibility must remain on the agenda

With the Council of Attorneys-General deciding not to progress reform on the legal age of responsibility until 2021, the Commission is urging the Victorian Government to continue to take a leadership role on this critical national issue.

The requirement to wear a face mask does not breach human rights

In recent days, we've heard a number of reports of people stating that the requirement to wear a face mask or covering in metropolitan Melbourne or Mitchell Shire is a breach of their human rights. However, this is a lawful directive that does not violate any rights set out under Victorian or international human rights law.