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Website legal disclaimer and copyright information

Website disclaimer

The Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission (the Commission) has set up this website to provide information free of charge for the benefit of the public.

The Commission monitors the information available on this website and updates the information regularly.

While we make reasonable efforts to ensure the information on our website is up-to-date accurate, current and complete, it may contain some inadvertent errors. Feel free to let us know if you find any errors.

The Commission does not take any responsibility for the accuracy, reliability, currency or completeness of information on this website or on any linked site.

This website is not a substitute for independent legal or professional advice and the Commission recommends that users take care when using it.

The information on this website may include the views or recommendations of other organisations or people, which are not necessarily the views of the Commission.

If you use legislation for official purposes, you should reference authorised versions.

Electronic mail disclaimer

The Commission does not accept responsibility for delays in transmission of email messages. When you send an urgent email message, you are responsible for confirming that the person has received it.

Social media guidelines

The Commission engages in social media to promote discussion and debate on human rights issues. We welcome feedback and suggestions, and endeavour to respond to messages.

We ask that the conversation on our pages is tolerant of other people’s views.

Here are the basic guidelines for our social media pages:

  • All discussions and material on our sites should be respectful of a diversity of opinions and should not be abusive, defamatory or offensive.
  • Posts and comments should not vilify or attack individuals on the basis of personal characteristics such as race or religion.
  • Posts and comments should be relevant to the topic under discussion.
  • Have your say, but do not spam our pages with repeats of the same information.
  • Advertising is not allowed.
  • Posts that contravene the above guidelines will be removed, and repeat offenders could be banned.
  • If you follow us on Twitter, we will not automatically follow you back. This is to discourage the use of direct messaging and spam.
  • The Commission encourages ‘friends’ and ‘followers’ on its pages, but this does not imply endorsement of any kind.


The Commission website content is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 licence.

You are free to re-use the work under that licence, on the condition that you:

  • credit the Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission as author
  • indicate if changes were made
  • comply with the other licence terms.

The licence does not apply to any branding, including the Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission logo, or images. If you would like to use the Commission’s logo or images from our website, please contact us on the details listed below.


Please give attribution to: © State of Victoria (The Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission) 2020

Third Party Material

Please note that third party materials on this website are not licensed under a Creative Commons licence or similar terms of use. You should obtain permission from third parties to reuse their material beyond the ways you are permitted to use them under the Copyright Act 1968.

More information

For further information about the copyright in this website, please contact:
Communications and Campaigns Branch
The Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission
Level 3, 204 Lygon Street
Carlton, Victoria, 3053

Ph: (03) 9032 3583


Updated June 2020.