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Guideline: Preventing and responding to workplace sexual harassment - Complying with the Equal Opportunity Act 2010

August 2020

About this guideline

The Commission’s new, updated sexual harassment guideline provides six minimum standards that employers must meet to comply with their positive duty to eliminate sexual harassment.

Guideline: Preventing and responding to workplace sexual harassment provides essential information and recommendations for small, medium and large organisations. It will apply to diverse workplace settings and across a range of sectors and industries.

The guideline has been informed by wide consultation with employers and industry bodies, worker advocacy groups and other regulators. It has also been informed by the stories of individuals who have experienced sexual harassment.

As the authoritative and comprehensive resource on Victoria’s positive duty for employers and workplace sexual harassment, this guideline may be considered in judicial proceedings when deciding whether employers have complied with the law.

Employers seeking an overview of workplace sexual harassment and their obligations may also want to refer to Preventing and responding to workplace sexual harassment: A quick guide for employers.

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Employers and organisations

The Commission has significant experience supporting organisations to take action to eliminate sexual harassment in their workplaces.

Employers seeking support to implement the standards for compliance, including through tailored education programs and resources, can contact the Commission’s Education team.


Get help if you have experienced sexual harassment and want to make a complaint or learn more about your rights.

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