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Aboriginal Community Engagement Strategy

This Aboriginal Community Engagement Strategy 2020-22 will shape our work and connections with Victoria’s Aboriginal community in the years ahead. Building on our first strategy – announced in 2015 – this strategy lays the foundation for our future work as we further improve how we engage and deliver services to the Aboriginal Victorians.

Why was this engagement strategy developed?

The Commission recognises the crucial role Victoria’s First Nations people have played in advancing human rights – from criminal justice reform to the nation’s first Treaty process.

With the 2020–2022 strategy, we continue our commitment to advancing their human rights by ensuring our services are culturally appropriate, tailored to their needs and accessible. The strategy also underscores a strong commitment to elevate Aboriginal voices and representation as well as support Aboriginal business and enterprise through our work.

In developing the strategy, we consulted with members of the Victorian Aboriginal community, Aboriginal Community-Controlled Organisations and other organisations working in the sector who helped us to better understand and identify issues important to Aboriginal Victorians and how we can best meet community needs and expectations.

At the heart of our engagement strategy is our commitment to support members of Victoria’s Aboriginal community to live their lives free from discrimination and inequality, and to ensure the human rights of Aboriginal people are protected from any violation.

What are its objectives and actions?

The 2020–22 strategy is guided by three key objectives: embedding cultural rights; demonstrating our commitment to self-determination in practice; and being accountable to the Victorian Aboriginal community.

To achieve these objectives, we have identified specific actions in each area which include:

  • fast-tracking complaints by Aboriginal clients through our dispute resolution service
  • establishing ‘warm’ referral policies with other organisations to fast-track enquiries from Aboriginal clients
  • providing culturally appropriate services for Aboriginal clients
  • establishing ‘partnership principles’ to guide our work with Aboriginal organisations and enhance community engagement.

Download the engagement strategy