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Research, reviews and investigations

The Commission has a role to identify and eliminate systemic causes of discrimination and sexual harassment, and to facilitate compliance with equal opportunity and human rights laws. It does this through researching systemic issues, reviewing organisations’ programs and practices for compliance, and conducting investigations under the Equal Opportunity Act. These functions enable the Commission to shine a light on equal opportunity and human rights concerns, work with organisations to effect real change, and hold industries and government to account.

Gender pay equity

The Commission is researching the barriers facing SMEs in achieving gender pay equity. Working with Industrial Relations Victoria, we’ll be facilitating in-depth telephone interviews with SMEs in June and July 2020

How we use our research, review and investigative functions


We conduct best practice research to build a strong evidence base for protecting and promoting human rights in Victoria.


We conduct voluntary reviews of organisational programs and practices to determine compliance with the Equal Opportunity Act and the Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities Act.


We conduct investigations to identify and eliminate systemic discrimination and sexual harassment, and to assess compliance with the law.

Access all Commission resources

All commission resources from 2014 onwards are available on our website. You can use the filters to search for specific topics, publication years or resource type.

If there is an earlier resource you wish to access please contact our Communications branch.