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Our vision and mission

Our vision, mission and values guide our work across resolving complaints, education, research, advocacy as well as monitoring and enforcing the protection of human rights.

Our vision

Our vision is for a fair, safe and inclusive Victoria where every person is respected and treated with dignity.

Our mission

Our mission is to engage and influence law and policy makers, institutions, communities and individuals to protect and promote human rights in Victoria.

Our values

In everything we do, we embrace creativity, accountability, rigour and empathy. These values describe the way we act with our colleagues, our partners and the people and communities that we work with.


We know that to solve difficult problems, we need to have the courage to imagine original and creative solutions. We do this through learning from others, seeking inspiration and trying new approaches.


We work responsibly to achieve our objectives in an impartial and transparent way. We seek to achieve the best use of our resources and to continually improve. We accept responsibility for our actions and hold ourselves and others to account.


We apply critical thinking and thorough analysis to our work, ensuring it is considered, accurate and well-reasoned.


We understand that people experience the world in different ways and have different stories to tell. Listening intently and respectfully allows us to question our own assumptions about what is fair and see problems from different perspectives.